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The Digital Marketing HandBook by Mohit Pawar
The Digital Marketing HandBook by Mohit Pawar
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The Digital Marketing HandBook by Mohit Pawar

Product Description

THE DIGITAL MARKETING HANDBOOK is a handy resource that can be used by those with background in digital marketing and also by those working in the field of marketing, sales, branding and communications.

WHAT IT OFFERS Curated knowledge that is instantly useful. The Digital Marketing Handbook helps readers sail through ever-growing sea of information that will ultimately help them win at the digital marketing game. Covers all components of digital marketing like social, email, mobile, search and other emerging technologies. All chapters are independent knowledge units. Readers can read any chapter, depending on their need and interest and still not miss out on anything. Interesting examples to explain the concepts. Multicoloured book to make sure that readers see the examples in colours, similar to how they see them on their screens. A deep dive on every topic covered, starting with evolution and usage basics and going to use cases and implementation.

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